About Us

Joshua “Superior” Keen and his innovative invention, the Back Shaver Pro, made a significant impact on the quality of men’s hair care and grooming routine. Over the past decade, the perspective on the ideal man has changed drastically. Hairy backs are a no-no amongst the ladies and the bodily standards that a man must meet has risen. To achieve this look, men would have to take time out of their day to schedule professional waxing appointments, which proved to many to be time-consuming and inconvenient.


Staring at himself in the mirror on a late evening, Joshua S. Keen decided that the invention of the razor blade was only the “tip of the iceberg” for men’s grooming and hair care. He was tired of being unable to shave in “hard-to-reach” areas on his body. In that moment of frustration, he devised the cutting-edge idea for a new kind of razor. He envisioned a much larger razor, fitted with a double blade design and an ergonomic handle that could be easily maneuvered to shave large areas of hair on the body. Joshua S. Keen’s Back Shaver Pro guarantees all our male customers the personal freedom to achieve the clean shaven look they have always desired 


Joshua S. Keen's vision has transformed men’s hair care and grooming, making it easier than ever to shave both facial and body hair. And we’re just getting started....